Developing EOSC-Core components to enable a FAIR EOSC ecosystem

The FAIRCORE4EOSC project focuses on the development and realisation of core components for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Supporting a FAIR EOSC and addressing gaps identified in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). Leveraging existing technologies and services, the project will develop nine new EOSC-Core components aimed to improve the discoverability and interoperability of an increased amount of research outputs.

EOSC-CORE Components

FAIRCORE4EOSC will develop a set of nine EOSC-Core components necessary to enable a FAIR EOSC ecosystem. Leveraging the solutions developed in previous projects and closely collaborating with the EOSC Future project and the new Horizon Europe projects. FAIRCORE4EOSC will support the EOSC Partnership by increasing FAIRness within the Minimal Viable EOSC as described in the SRIA.


Five user-centric case studies will drive the development and testing of the new components ensuring they are co-designed and tailored to the user needs

FAIRCORE4EOSC Implementation Methodology

The development of the new FAIRCORE4EOSC components follows four implementation phases

Your opinion counts Contribute to the FAIRCORE4EOSC Open Consultations

Our website will host Open Consultations with the wider EOSC community through questionnaires, which also support requirements gathering and validation activities.